We Are Soundgrace

SOUNDGRACE Established in the era of the 90s, always pioneering and continuing to develop products. Developed from a small shop to become one of the largest professional soundsystem manufacturers in Indonesia, SOUNDGRACE does not get bored with the quality of products carefully and does not want to compromise with poor results, we always discuss with the R & D team and production systems that are second to none and strict obey the rules of ISO9001: 2008. For more than 20 years, we have implemented advanced audio processing and digital transmission technology including such as Class AB , Class D and Class I power amplifiers on our products for various applications with high cost effectiveness, high reliability and consistency high.

SOUNDGRACE has been involved with reliable sound reinforcement systems such as stadiums, arenas, tours, nightclubs, discos and conferences, setting sound standards as a benchmark in the professional audio industry.

Then in the era of the 2000s, SOUNDGRACE opened a new chapter with the completion of a manufacturing base located in China. This is a milestone that SOUNDGRACE began standardized production and management with world-class factories, advanced R & D centers and laboratories, first class assembly lines and strict production and quality control. As the top brand in the professional audio market in Indonesia, SOUNDGRACE is well known in the domestic market for our quality and service and with our unchanging belief: dedicated to producing sound standards for the world and proud of “made in Indonesia”.